Posted: August 14, 2010 in Christian Life, Iowa

My name is Amanda, and eight months ago, my life changed. I’m not saying that something horribly drastic happened, like cancer or loosing my best friend, but something changed.

As of January 1, 2010, I was working as a low rung manager at a large retail chain, in large city in Northern Minnesota.

Three weeks later, I lost my job.

Two days later, my boyfriend proposed.

One month later, I found a job posting. In two weeks I had applied. One weeks later I had a phone interview. Three weeks, I was being flown for a personal interview and returned home in 36 hours. The next morning, I was being offered a position. I had a choice to make and I accepted the position. One month later, I moved to rural Southern Iowa.

That was three months ago.

I am living in a small town in Southern Iowa that is also the county seat. I work with three other people on a regular basis, and for the most part I’m in charge. I work as the Director of Religious Education and Youth Minister for a small Catholic Parish.

Now let’s clear up a few small details. I am a young woman, getting married, working for the Catholic Church. I do not find it to be hierarchical or patriarchal. I have no hidden agenda to promote women being ordained or homosexual marriage, I want to teach and live out an authentic Catholic life. I also have no desire to “change” a 2,000 year old institution beyond what my pastor and bishop direct me to do so.

In three months of work I have had to learn quite a bit about my surroundings, the people I serve, and the programs I am running. Me in charge, it is a very new position for me to be in. I have also had the chance to learn more about my faith and fall in love more deeply with it.

It’s a new sensation to not have to have everyone of my actions checked before I complete them. My employers and I have gotten the chance to learn and grow with each other. The greatest compliment that I have received is that in three months I have challenged everyone in the office to grow and enhance their faith. Coming from Minnesota to Iowa has been an eye opening experience. The folks down here can be quite stubborn, but they have acknowledged me with open arms. I’ve been changing systems and leading people by my own example and something bigger than me is brewing.

Iowa has been a change. I’ve gone from untamed northern wilderness to tamed rolling cornfields. Oak trees gnarled with ivy and storms like nothing I’ve ever seen. This is life for me now. I am still engaged and set to be married in January. I’m preparing a place for my future husband and I to live together. I’m constantly educating myself and debating getting my Masters in Catholic Theology or Divinity Studies. I have learned more about myself in these past three months and I refuse to stop growing.

Let’s see where these next three months will take me.

Pax ^_^


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