6 Months and Counting

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s official, I have lived here in Iowa for over 6 months. To me it is strange that a place that was so foreign to me (yes Iowa can be foreign) is now home. I am coming to find beauty in things I once found boring and friends where once I had none, and I’m not getting as lost in the grocery store any more. 🙂

Life here in Iowa has changed my prospective on a lot of things. I’ve gone from being a fledgling just leaving college, trying to stand on my feet to a respected member of the church community. I’ve learned who people are, given advice to people twice my age and tutored people who are trying to start themselves anew.

I’ve been touched mostly by the enormous generosity and care the people around me have shown to me. If you have ever seen the Music Man, they talk about Iowa stubborn. It’s not lie, they can be that stubborn. I’ve just somehow wiggled into their hearts a little bit.

In six months I’ve grown up quite a bit and I hope to be updating you more frequently. Especially if people comment.

Until later, peace!


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